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Italian Language Online | L'Italiano da Lontano

Italian Language Online

Would you like to learn or improve your Italian?


With the help of the teachers at Italiano da Lontano it’s easy and fun!



More than 290 million in the world people speak the language of Dante, Da Vinci and Colombo.

The school Italiano da Lontano was born to bring together those who want to understand “La Bella Lingua” for work or for a passion, to read Italian, meet new friends and, maybe enjoy a holiday in Italy.

learn italian online Mostra Giotto's campanile in Florence

Here are 3 reasons to take our lessons

    If you wish to learn Italian, but there is not a school near you!

You can study with us, in the comfort of your home, without the need to travel in the traffic, find a parking place, leave early or arrive late! You can save time, that you can use to do other interesting and satisfying things.

    If you are taking a course but want to practice more often!

If you go to your course only once a week, but you would like to practice your Italian, or if the explanations in class seemed clear, but when you get home you have doubts, we can help you! During our Italian lessons online we can see together how to put into practice all that you have learnt at school: we will be your personal trainer.

    If you have little time, but you would like to learn Italian.

If the thousands of tasks of every day don’t let you plan your week in the way you would like to, but you know that tomorrow you have an hour free, book your lesson with a click and practice to not forget what you have learnt.

During your Italian on line lessons you can read, listen, write and speak Italian with your native speaking teacher and quickly improve your skills!

All you need is an Internet connection, and you enter the class with one click!

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 Study Italian with a real teacher

Knowing something does not mean you know how to convey it to other people efficiently. Our teachers know how to help you to remember what you study, and give you the ability to put it into practice immediately. They know how and when to correct you, how to choose the right rules at the right time without filling your head with useless information. And above all, they will listen to you. In our lessons you will speak most of the time. So says the wise man: practice makes perfect!

A course tailored at your level

During the Welcome lesson you will speak with the teacher about your contraints, your interests and the reasons that you have for studying Italian. From this information our teachers will prepare lessons tailored for you. They will adapt to your level of knowledge of Italian, but not only this, the teachers will choose the right subjects to improve your vocabulary and help you to better interact with Italians that share your interests. Between us we will find the journey that adapts to your level and the most helpful vocabulary useful for your needs.

learn italian oline01 learn italian oline23 Covoncini(semi di cavolo)2


Why study with us?

Here are 6 reasons for you to choose Italiano da Lontano:

  • There is no risk of losing lessons

You decide when to have the lesson and the pace for your learning.

  • The teacher will be your personal trainer

No self teaching system will help you learn the Italian language as well as a real teacher.

  • Develop the skills you really need

The lessons are prepared around your interests. Why talk about recipies if you dont like cooking?

  • You will save time

You don’t have to lose time going to a lesson because you are in class with one click.

  • You save money

You will pay only for the lessons you want to have, in the time and method that is convenient for you.

  • You have our guarantee

If you don’t like your lesson then you can have a 100% reimbursement.

lipari 3 lipari 2 lipari 1


How does it work?

When I decided to start Italiano da Lontano, together with other teachers we have found and tested many ways to teach on line. In the end we have chosen a platform that offers you total involvement, a way to offer our students the best educational experience possible.

During the lessons you will be fully involved. While you follow the lessons on the screen, you will see your teacher, we will listen and we will speak in Italian. Not only that, you can read the whiteboard and do the exercises, written through the chat section, just as if you were in a classroom.

The platform that we have chosen is very easy to use. In a few minutes you will understand how to use it and you will have no difficulties nor waste time.

Unlike other “schools”, we have decided not to use Skype because unlike our platform, Skype does not permit the optimum level of interaction for a fast and efficient appreciation of the language.


 You are not sure? Here is our guarantee – satisfaction or 100% reimbursement

Book your lessons to learn Italian with confidence. If , during one of our meetings, you are not completely satisfied with what you have learnt, please let the teacher know and we will reimburse you the entire cost of the lesson

Now, you have no more excuses to learn Italian, try us!

It’s your first time?

If you have not participated in a lesson from Italiano da Lontano,  book your Welcome Lesson!

During this 50 minute lesson you can introduce yourself, get to know the teacher and get confidence in the platform that we use for our teaching activities. The teacher will evaluate your level of knowledge, you can tell us of your interests and your passions, and together we will define your objectives for future lessons. In this way we will prepare a course of study in line with your needs and wants.

If you have participated in our lessons and would like to buy another package , visit this page, and set up your next appointment.


villa reale ville lucchesi 2 ville lucchesi

3 reasons to choose us

  • Because we have taught Italian on line for 5 years, to student all over the world, we are sure of the effectiveness of our teaching method.
  • Because we are a real Italian school and not simply a group of teachers who work for a percentage.
  • Because many of our students follow us with success for many years and recommend us to friends and relatives.



We are ready to teach you, are you ready to learn Italian?

Click the button below and book your introductory lesson for 7 euro!


See you soon!


Founder of Italiano da Lontano


Remember that with Italian da Lontano you can choose the quantity of lessons you would like, and when to do them. You can also take a break, and recommence your lessons without being left behind (unlike other prepackaged courses)


If, during one of your lessons, you are not completely satisfied with what you have learnt, let your teacher know before the end of the lesson why you are not satisfied.   We will send you a refund through Paypal within a couple of days.

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