The Romans

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Our Italian teacher Federica has just started a new series of historical articles. After the Etruscans she will lead us into the Romans way of life. Have a nice reading on our blog!

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Etruscan beauty

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Did you know that the Etruscan women used to make up? In our blog you can read about that and  about the etruscan way of life! Thank you Federica for this new, interesting, post!

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Frasi da matti!

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A post about the new meaning of the words. If somebody said, 30 years ago, something like: “I took a picture by my phone” what could happen? Other strange phrases in our blog

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Etruscan towns

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Where did the Etruscans live in the ancient Italy? How did they built their towns? A new post written by our Italian teacher Federica in our blog.

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Etruscan people – still a mystery

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Our teacher Federica prepared for our Italian school some articles about Etruscan people. Who they were? Where did they come from? What language did they speak? You will find all these informations, and more, in our blog. Enjoy reading and practising Italian!

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Un dolce semplice, a simple cake!

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In this new post our italian teacher Lorenza writes about a recipe of an italian  “simple cake”, only made with bread (and milk, and eggs, and sugar, and chocolate, and….)  read here

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