The italian preposition SU

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Do you know how to use the italian preposition SU? And shall I write with the accent? You will find the answers  on our blog L’Italiano da Lontano.

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Is Federica looking for a boy friend?

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No, but maybe her family is wayting for someone…  Read Federica’s post La speranza è l’ultima a morire (hope dies last) in our blog and enjoy reading  Italian with us!

Do yopu know the meaning of words like bilancia, ciabatta (no, not the sort of Italian bread, the real meaning of ciabatta) or primula? Have a look in our Flikr album  The word of the day, La parola del giorno, and discover them!

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L’Italiano da lontano on Flickr!

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We just entered the Flickr community. Here is our page, where you can find our pictures. We started by some sets: Italian cuisine, How to write in italian, Italian design and The word of the day, but we think we will add soon some more. See you there!

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San Francesco d’Assisi. His life in our blog

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In our blog you will find a short biography, some interesting links about San Francesco  and how to recognize him on the pictures.  San Francesco’s post is the first of a series dedicated to the most popular Italian Saints in order to help our students to recognise who is painted on the pictures they see  coming to Italy and visiting museums and churches.

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Do you believe UFO exist?

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Credi che gli ufo esistano? E’ una delle lezioni che i nostri studenti di livello intermedio seguiranno questa settimana. Con un argomento simile, saremo tutti costretti ad usare il congiuntivo! Vieni a fare pratica con noi!

This is one of the lessons that our  students of intermediate level  will follow this week. With such a topic everyone will be forced to use the italian subjunctive! Come on and practice with us!


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We are on Instagram

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You can find us Instagram. Our nickname in Instagram is:   italianlanguageclass. Follow us on your tablet and enjoy our pictures about Italy and Italian way of life.  We are also starting on Instagram the word of the day, so find the hashtag #paroladelgiorno and see our pictures!  See you there!

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