How to practice italian language

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How to practice Italian Language

Hi, I am Lorenza, the founder of this online school L’italiano da Lontano.

My job is to help those who love the Italian language to learn Italian easily, quickly and to keep improving over time.

I live in Lucca, in Tuscany, a beautiful city that I recommend you visit when you next travel to Italy.

Many years ago I had to reluctantly give up my study of the Arabic language because in Lucca there were no qualified teachers who could teach it. Some time afterwards, I started to study Japanese, but because of my working hours I thought would also have to give up that! But…by then there was the Internet!

So, I started studying online, and in a short time I had achieved great results. This experience made me think. Perhaps in the world there were other students like me, who wanted to learn a language such as Italian, but who also had not found the solution that worked for them.These thoughts led me to opening this school – and to using the Web to share my thirty years of teaching Italian with overseas students.

L’Italiano da Lontana is a shool in every sense of the word. I have chosen each teacher personally, and have known them for a long time. I know that they are passionate about their work. We have not become teachers by “filling in a simple online form”

Our team always stays in contact, to exchange ideas and update each other with the progress of the students, so that the lessons are always at the right level for you. The lessons are prepared carefully with attention to their visual appearance, because learning through pictures is more immediate and better retained than just through reading and listening. Much scientific research has demonstrated the the use of visual images allows us to attain better levels of attention, memorisation and learning.

In addition to this, we like to laugh in lessons. Emotional involvement allows our students to learn Italian quickly in a way that is retained.If you think studying is not fun, then this school is not for you…because our lessons are really interesting – and great fun.

Our teachers all use the same teaching methods, and in this way you can attend classes with different teachers and know that the lessons will always be at your level of knowledge. You can also get used to the voices and tones of different teachers which will benefit your understanding. I will follow your progress “behind the scenes” and occasionally will take a lesson with you to discuss your progress and make any adjustments to your lesson plans.

So, if you too wish to learn Italian with the support of great teachers, click the button below to arrange your Welcome lesson.

We are ready to teach you….are you ready to learn?

Let’s meet in class!

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