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If, during one of your lessons, you are not totally satisfied with what you have learnt, let your teacher know before the end of the lesson why you are not satisfied.

We will send you a refund through Paypal within a couple of days.

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3 reasons to choose us

  • Because we have taught Italian on line for 5 years, to student all over the world, we are sure of the effectiveness of our teaching method.

But before starting online we have been teaching Italian as foreign language for many years!

  • Because we are a real Italian school and not a display of teachers who work for a percentage…

Teachers are selected, they cannot  enroll by themselves and start teaching just filling a form!

  • Because many of our students follow us with success for many years and recommend us to friends and relatives.

They started as students, but now we are friends. It is a real joy to meet them when they come to Italy!


We are ready to teach you….are you ready to learn?

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To obtain our reimbursment, tell your teacher before the end of the lesson the reason for which you are not satisfied and you will receive your money back through PayPal.

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