Learn Italian Online

Learn Italian online with L’Italiano da Lontano

Combine the advantages of a traditional school with those of a virtual school.

Your progress will be followed in real time by your teacher, who will speak with you live over the internet, and solve your questions or your curiosity!

You can learn Italian  from the comfort of your home, or from your office, on the days and times you choose.

Our lessons are conducted by fully qualified Italian mother tongue teachers.

 Learn Italian online with L’Italiano da Lontano.

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Getting started is easy!

All you need is an internet connection, a headset with microphone and a webcam (optional).

Select a  lesson package of your choice, book a date and time that suits you and away you go!!

•During your Italian language  lesson, your teacher will be right there with you and will accompany you throughout your progress.

• Classes are like attending a real school, except you attend them from your location of choice.

• Italian lesson content is integrated with conversation, reading, listening, comprehension and other exercises according to your level of knowledge and specific language needs.

• Lesson times are flexible – you can choose the days and times you prefer to study Italian language.

Buy here your first lesson and start speaking Italian right now!

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