Lucca Italian School - Daniela

Hello, my name is Daniela Bonaccorsi. I live in Lucca, a beautiful town in charming Tuscany.

I have a strong passion for languages and I have been a teacher of Italian as L2 for almost 20 years.   I remain very enthusiastic about teaching Italian!  I really enjoy  having the opportunity to meet different people who come from many countries around the world.  I enjoy helping students widen their horizons of learning and grow.

Now, with this online school, which really has no boundaries, I can help students all over the world!   Learning Italian language on line can be easy and convenient for you and we provide thorough feedback about your written work.   It will be a pleasure for me to teach you on line, read your work, and help you improve your knowledge and ability to speak Italian language.

Keep in touch!

Together with Eva and Angelo, Daniela is co-founder of Lucca Italian School. Having lot of work in their school, but still enjoying working together, she will manage Written Tasks