Online Italian Lessons – Questions and Answers

 Lesson Reservations

How can I sign up?

Go to How to subscribe and follow the instructions. It’s quick and easy!

What is the deadline for reserving a L’Italiano da Lontano lesson?

The reservation deadline is 24 hours before class.

How do I cancel a reservation?

To cancel a reservation, please send an e-mail to booking@italianlanguageclass.com .
The cancellation deadline is 24 hours before class.
After the cancellation deadline, you cannot cancel a lesson, and you will  be charged the lesson ticket.

Can I choose my teacher?

You are  free to choose the teacher, days and times for your online italian lessons. Go to Lessons Timetable

However as our teachers use the same educational material and the same teaching method, we suggest you to take the opportunity and speak with different people.

Enrollment and setup

How do I pay for lessons?

L’Italiano da Lontano accepts PayPal payments and electronic transfers.

For quickest service, we recommend PayPal, where a variety of payment options are available:

* Credit card (no PayPal account is required)
* Electronic transfer from your bank account (verified PayPal account is required)

In the case of electronic transfers outside of PayPal, you are responsible for transaction fees.

I forgot my password

Clik here  or ask for our help writing a mail to: support@italianlanguageclass.com

During your lessons

Can I get a refund for a  lesson I missed?
Sorry, we cannot refund a lesson ticket after the cancellation deadline, even if you could not take the lesson for reasons beyond your control.

Do I need a web cam?

No, webcams are optional for students. All L’Italiano da Lontano teachers use a web cam.

Do the teachers speak any language other than Italian ?

Our teachers are experienced in taking classes in italian language.  However, at the Beginner level, teachers can use a little  English for explanations. During the lessons, students are encouraged to express themselves in Italian, by limiting the use of other foreign languages.

Do I need to buy a book?

During our  lessons you do not need a book. Your teacher will lead you, providing the teaching material required.  You will have conversations  with your teacher, you will listen, speak and sometimes play little games.   At the end of the lesson you will receive the notes by mail, if you want to review the   lesson topic and the new words.

How can I see the options for written task?

Within the reservation area you will find the topic of the month for the written task.

May I receive the slides used during my lesson?

Sorry, they are specially prepared to be used during the lesson, together with our Italian teachers. However, during the lesson, your teacher will write the new words and phrases on the “blackboard”. You can receive the notes by mail and save your notes.

If you have other questions, please write to support@italianlanguageclass.com